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It just feels good to help another human...Call it the gift of giving. It gets you out of your head and focused on someone else’s situation.” --Brian Duffy, LMHC, Addiction Professional, Winter 2017

The Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare is about helping people achieve recovery. As the leading education resource for addiction and mental healthcare providers and their allied stakeholders, the Institute has become a catalyst for uniting communities around solving their most pressing public health challenges. Its impact is most accurately measured not in the volume of material it generates, but in its commitment to being part of solutions that make communities stronger.
A wide range of Institute events offer multiple formats to keep clinical and management professionals current on treatment and business trends. These events also give professionals an important opportunity to exchange information with colleagues and discover new products to improve care. Prominent events include the collaborative National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, the treatment-focused National Conference on Addiction Disorders and the cutting-edge regional and national Summits for Clinical Excellence.
The Institute’s flagship publications offer unparalleled analysis and commentary on the clinical and management trends shaping a fast-changing behavioral health field. Addiction Professional is the field’s trusted guide to what’s working in addiction treatment services. Behavioral Healthcare Executive offers expert insight on technological, managerial and regulatory developments in a comprehensive, unbiased format that cannot be found elsewhere in the field.
Yet the Institute’s reach transcends its roster of services. Our experienced team of professionals has a passion for promoting what’s working in improving the lives of traditionally marginalized individuals with addiction and mental health disorders. We know that no community can be healthy without strongly supported behavioral healthcare. Therefore, the Institute stands committed to being a guiding, trusted presence for communities’ front-line helpers.